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My priorities include funding our public education, infrastructure, and working toward obtaining sustainable water supplies. I am known for bringing ideas from southern Arizona to the Capitol; because that is what we need - a little common sense and straight from the heart. I humbly ask for your support.

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Elect Rosanna Gabaldón for Senate:

• Is currently serving her fourth-term at the House of Representatives

• Serves as the ranking member on the Natural Resources, Energy & Water Committee

• Serve as a member of the Transportation Committee

• Introduced and sponsored several bills related to public safety, the environment, and public education

• Supports Red for Ed

• Supports funding for our roads and infrastructure

• Supports legislation to address the opioid epidemic

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Served 2009-2012 on the Sahuarita Town Council

Serves on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations. Some of her current and former boards include:

  • Southeast Arizona Citizens Advisory Board of the International Boundary and Water Commission,

  • Guadalupana Lab School Board,
  • Friends of the Green Valley Library,
  • Southeast Arizona Advisory Board for Chicanos Por La Causa,
  • Salvation Army Advisory Council Green Valley
  • South Pima Council First Things First,
  • Tucson Pima Arts Council,
  • Green Valley Sahuarita Community Food Bank,
  • Community Foundation of Greater Green Valley,
  • Local fraternal organizations,
  • Town of Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Commission, and
  • Town of Sahuarita Economic Development Commission.

Rosanna believes in following through in her commitments, and rolling up the sleeves, and staying involved in our community. Her legislative priorities include water sustainability, public education, and economic development. She believes that our best days are ahead of us, and that it’s going to take cooperative leadership to stand up and make it happen. Join Rosanna and let’s build a better future for Arizona. Our time is now.


I humbly ask for your support as I seek to be your Arizona State Senate in 2020.  I have served since 2012 at the House of Representatives and three-years on the Sahuarita Town Council.  I also serve on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations and have a business background in retail and banking.  My husband Arturo and I live in Sahuarita and are most proud of our son Andres.

I participate as a member on a variety of committees, affording me the access necessary to advocate for our local area.  I am the ranking member on the Natural Resources, Energy & Water Committee and also serve as a member of the Transportation Committee.  During my tenure, I have been fortunate to be selected to participate in a number of special interim committees that have impacted our environment, public health, and agriculture.

I am proud and honored of the work I have contributed through my participation on the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan Steering Committee, that is addressing our water needs.  Our State has experienced a drought for the past two decades, and action is required to maintain the health and economic sustainability of our State.  Current legislation is a crucial step in the right direction, and as a State, we need to focus on the next step. 

I have introduced and sponsored several bills related to public safety, the environment, and public education.  I have supported and advocated for bills that were important for our area and have worked on a variety of legislation with my colleagues.  I am most proud of my advocacy and success at bringing attention for the funding of repairs needed to the Nogales IOI and Wash.  I have been successful in bringing ideas from southern Arizona to the Capitol because that is what we need a little common sense and straight from the heart.

I support the Red for Ed.  The Red for Ed movement brought thousands of frustrated educators to the Capitol, was one of the most powerful and inspiring movements I have ever seen.  They've kept that momentum going through advocacy and educating the community.  The approved budget is not sufficient, sustainable or guaranteed.  We need up to a billion dollars to make up for the cuts from our schools.  A new dedicated revenue source offers a real, viable plan to get us there.

Investment in the economic development of Southern Arizona benefits everyone.  I will continue to address the funding needs for our roads and infrastructure.  I will encourage the legislature to take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on the improvements invested in the infrastructure of the State Route 189 Mariposa Rd.  It is vital that we find revenue for much-needed road infrastructure, especially in rural communities. 

I supported the legislation to address the opioid epidemic and provided funding to treat Arizonans who are under-insured, to expand the Angel Initiative statewide, and improved our Good Samaritan law.  We have saved lives; members of our communities can now get life-saving Narcan kits or get connected to services, and people can call 911 for an overdose rather than run away.

My priorities include funding our public education, infrastructure, and working toward obtaining sustainable water supplies.  We must make sure that the gains we have made for our public schools are expanded and secured for the long haul.  There is a fundamental need to improve our infrastructure; including rehabilitation of our roads and highways.   We must all come together – Republicans and Democrats – and find a long-term solution to Arizona's water needs.  We have a great history of making smart, bi-partisan water policy, and our future depends on it.

Serving as your State Representative has taught me to be humble because I have met the real heroes in our community; it has made me smarter because I have learned there is so much to learn; and it has taught me to appreciate our community because I have had the opportunity to meet you.  I learned a lot more by listening than I ever did by speaking, so don’t be surprised when I want to hear about you and your needs.

With warm regards,



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Vota por R. G.... Luchando por nuestros valores.

Yo visualizo al sur de Arizona como una comunidad unida, donde las familias puedan sentirse informadas, seguras y trabajar junto con el estado poder obtener un desarrollo económico y mejor educación. Yo trabajaré para abrir comunicación entre el Gobierno del Estado y nuestros ciudadanos.

Estaré atenta a las necesidades de nuestras familias. Es importante mejorar la comunidad a través de programas de asistencia social para unir nuestras comunidades para obtener mejores metas.

Tomaré un enfoque proactivo para apoyar la Legislatura con programas q suministren el abastecimiento de agua y q ayuden a cumplir nuestras necesidades de agua.

También voy a apoyar iniciativas que brinden desarrollo económico para nuestras comunidades. Nuestra región necesita empleos.

Trabajaré para tener un gobierno más transparente que demuestre la responsabilidad fiscal y lo haré apoyando por una legislatura para tener un presupuesto que sea justo y equilibrado.

Yo voy a promover cambios que mejoren la calidad de nuestras vidas y de las comunidades donde vivimos.


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